11 Oct

What the Top Cats in SERPs Are Doing To Get There

Today I’ll share with you a little secret. Well it’s not so much a secret but rather a little bit about what the top ranking sites are doing and how they are able to achieve their ranks. There’s been a lot of talk in the SEO world about what works in website promotion and what doesn’t including legal field. If you’re a lawyer you might find this particularly interesting. Perhaps next time you read this article you can tell your SEO guy to take a look at this.

It fall breaks down into several simple categories.

1. Solid links from strong authority sites (sometimes lucky mentions, or very straight forward mentions simply worth mentioning). An example would be of a startup company being featured on Venture Beat or a viral story being featured on Mash able. In the law firm marketing this normally equates to a lawyer being mentioned in connection to a specific case that is being discussed on various popular news outlets. For example: being linked to from Bloomberg news or Forbes can pass significant authority to your website.

2. Content Farms. Many will claim this is being phased out and quickly becoming less and less useful as google improves its algorithms, however this simply isn’t true (yet). Do some site research and you will find that many of the top guys create link farms or purchase links from such networks of sites. Contextual links are still the best types of links out there. Depending on the quality of the link farm, one domain can gain a significant advantage over another simply having a ton of contextual links from link farms that know what they’re doing. Certainly they have to have unique IPs, meet certain “no-spam” criteria and so forth but you can read about that elsewhere.

3. A ton of locality related websites linking to the main domain. If you are a business, especially an attorney, one way to rank higher for your keywords is to register domain names with your keyword + a city in the vicinity and then link them all to the main site. Of course you have to make sure the content is unique as to not be flagged for duplicate content, but this works very well despite what many pros out there will have you think.

4. I’m sure google is working hard to make this an issue of the past but we can’t ignore the fact that this still goes on and it works well. Don’t believe me? Do a search for a New York Attorney and check backlinks with open site explorer on some of those top ranking domains to see where their links are coming from. You will find that most come from domains registered with a locality attached to the keyword see site:https://www.yahoo.com/tech/uber-gets-an-f-from-the-better-business-bureau-99650439539.html.

article writing

5. Comment Spam. Yes, comment spam still works and it isn’t going anywhere. There is a lively discussion about comment spam on every major search engine optimization discussion website, however the verdict is that it still works. Not sure for how long, but it’s a tactic being used widely across the web.

6. Article Marketing. Many white hat SEO’s are beginning to dread article marketing, however the tactic still works – especially in Legal SEO that has to do with lawyers. You see, law article websites such as FindLaw.com have significant authority and don’t hesitate to pass on link juice to articles.

If you’re thinking about using these tactics to advance your attorney website – think again. While you are looking to game the system, the system is hard at work to make that gaming obsolete.

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